We help answer questions in the field as diverse as agriculture, nature, development, disaster preparedness. Questions like:

  • How many food aid beneficiaries can the government of Ethiopia expect due to bad rains in the Meher season?
  • What is the distribution of certain plant species in the Netherlands?
  • What are the financial risks to my organisation, due to natural disasters?

To answer these questions HSS uses

  • Reliable data, whether acquired from satellite or ground observations.
  • Ideas, models, methods and algorithms to unleash on those data. Often these ideas are applied in close cooperation with research institutions such as universities, where many of the concepts originate from. Field validation to ascertain that the assessments are right.
  • Media to efficiently disseminate the information. Whether traditional books and manuals, films and websites.
  • Once well established: training and support to sustain the methodology for future use. Clients should not be dependent on us forever.